Culinary icon, Sylvia Hunt’s legendary cookbook re-launched

The culinary world is buzzing with excitement as the re-launch of the renowned chef Sylvia Hunt’s iconic cookbook, “Sylvia Hunt’s Cooking, The Reinvention of  Classic takes centre stage, promising to rekindle culinary passion and ignite taste buds. This highly anticipated event marks a significant culinary milestone, as the timeless masterpiece resurfaces to captivate a new generation of food enthusiasts and inspire unforgettable gastronomic adventures.

Sylvia Hunt’s Cooking made its debut in 1985 and quickly became an indispensable companion in kitchens across Trinidad and Tobago. In 1968, Sylvia’s cooking show premiered on Trinidad & Tobago Television (TTT), captivating audiences throughout the 70s and 80s. It not only revolutionized local television content but also served as a valuable educational tool for Trinidadians and Tobagonians in the realm of culinary arts.

During the launch of Sylvia Hunt’s Cooking at Mille Fleurs, located on 23 Maraval Road in Port of Spain, His Worship, the Mayor of Port of Spain Alderman Joel Martinez, expressed his warm regards. The afternoon’s theme, titled “The Reinvention of a Classic,” transcended a simple book launch, paying homage to and celebrating Sylvia Hunt’s enduring legacy.

“The timing of this book launch is impeccable as it can surely benefit the many new and youthful culinary artists of our region. I would also like to mention the admiration all of us must share for Sylvia and her relentless dedication and work ethic. It takes a lot of hard work and passion to become a truly great chef, and Sylvia embodies that spirit every day.” 

Diane Sambrano, Sylvia’s daughter, and Christopher Sambrano, her grandson, said that the project had been in the works for several years. Prior to her passing, Hunt had expressed her desire for the book to remain in print. The launch of this book comes at an opportune moment, as it holds great value for the emerging generation of culinary artists in the region.

According to Christopher Sambrano, her goal through the unique character of Trinbagonian food

was to preserve the history and legacy of our people. He stressed the importance of the reintroduction of his late grandmother’s work to Trinidad and Tobago.

“Her work celebrated the fact that our cuisine, like our people, is a rich melting pot of cultures. She was a pioneer, an innovator, a presenter of culinary skills, a businesswoman and a community leader in the city of Port of Spain. She taught generations of Trinbagonians her recipes. Her focus was on using locally grown ingredients in recipes that allowed homemakers from all walks of life to prepare good affordable meals for their families. She documented and created uniquely local recipes and creole food that represented the fusion of our Afro, Spanish, French and English cultures. She would go on to incorporate her strong Indian heritage into some of her later works.”

Additional speakers at the event included Franka Philip, the Co-founder of, and the Founder of GoatoberTT, who spoke of her need to find and purchase cookbooks while living abroad. 

“These books offer so much sustenance when you are not in Trinidad. I spent a lot of time cooking from these books, inviting people over to my home, especially with my non-trini friends to show them what Trini food is like. Sylvia is such a crucial part of our Caribbean culinary landscape.”

If you are interested in purchasing a copy of Sylvia Hunt’s Cooking it is available at Metropolitan Book Suppliers Ltd., #12 Ariapita Avenue Woodbrook, Port of Spain, contact number 868-467-9947.


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