No longer a partier: 5 Star Akil baptised, closes door on soca career

In 2012 5 Star Akil scored a big hit on the soca scene with Partier. In the years that ensued, he stayed at the top of every party promoter’s list and was a consistent presence on the airwaves with hits such as To Meh Heart, Noise, and Different Me, which won Desperadoes the Panorama title in 2016.

Last year, during the height of the pandemic, the former radio DJ, birth name Akil Borneo, decided to answer God’s call and close the door on his soca career.

Akil was baptised at the St James Pentecostal church last week.

 It was a full circle moment for the 43-year-old who grew up holding his pastor’s briefcase to go to church every Sunday.

“He and his family used to rent from my mother. He came to my baptism. He was so happy the prodigal son came back because he knew I was in church and I leave to go and live another life,” Akil told Loop News.

That life included working as a club DJ at the age of 16 and forming popular DJ outfit, Associate Degree Sound System with his friends. At the height of his career in 2010 working at 96.1 FM, Akil was shot five times. He said he knew God was calling him when he survived that ordeal but he wasn’t ready.

“I did see it but I didn’t believe. I believe now when he called me away from soca. I believe him now,” he said.

The pandemic lockdown proved to be fertile ground for Akil’s faith to be tested.

Coming out of a 2020 Carnival where he didn’t have a big hit song, his last son’s mother urged him to buy Island Treats lollies.

She told him the main mission behind buying the company was to help create opportunities for people who didn’t have jobs.

Sold on that premise, Akil bought the business from then-owner Johnny Q.

With no mentor, no previous experience running a business or anyone to turn to for advice, Akil struggled.

“When I bought the business, it went through heavy trials with people not knowing the brand. It was challenging getting into groceries. Some people didn’t respect local until the pandemic hit and they had no other choice. Massy was the only company to give us that opportunity,” he said of his experience.

Akil Borneo aka 5 Star Akil

With the pandemic, Akil was forced to move out of the rental space the company was occupying and move the business into his home. He currently employs two people.

“I am not going to lie, it was hard and I cried over this. God see me and use that opportunity,” he said of his difficulties. “He say Akil I am telling you today that you have to choose. You can’t serve two masters. It was the most difficult time. When God telling you to walk away from something that bringing you money to something where you getting rejected that is not easy.”

Walking away from soca didn’t happen overnight, however.

It took months Akil said.

It was after a performance on one of WACK Radio’s live virtual shows and another on Boom Champions that Akil realised he needed to give up soca.

“I felt like I was sinning. I was hearing God’s voice so loud. I was getting booked without even singing a hit song and I realised it was a setup. At one point, I was ashamed to tell anyone anything and God say if you are ashamed of me, I will be ashamed of you and from that day I say okay,” he said.

“God say to follow him and as a follower of God you have to do what he says.”

5Star Akil is now the owner of Island Treats lollies

Reflecting on his life – being shot, creating a big platform through soca, and being fired from SLAM 100.1 FM without a plausible explanation – Akil believes God was preparing him to minister and touch others.

“He wrote three things in my heart, that I got shot five times, that I walked away from the soca industry and that I opened a business. Those are three things that people can relate to and learn from,” he said.

Stating that he feels blessed, Akil said now he has more time to spend with his three children.

He also plans to get back into music but only to sing worship songs. He also has his eyes set on returning to radio but on a gospel station to share the word of God with listeners.

For now, he said, he is focused on learning more, reading the bible daily and understanding God’s word.

 “Right now God have me in school.”


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